The 2014 BMW 4 Series

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As always, BMW are looking to improve even further. Always wanting to be at the forefront of the latest motor technology, the 2014 BMW 4 Series is going to drive into car showrooms towards the end of summer. However, the BMW Series is heading more towards the sport category than previously, and this precedent is seen quite clearly when it comes to the 2014 BMW 4 Series.

The 2014 BMW 4 Series

The 4 Series, which is a first for the manufacturers, who have always stopped at 3 so far – is heading toward the aim of having all coupes numbered evenly, and all sedans numbered oddly. This means that as the series starts to transform towards this type of order, the rumors are that there will be an additional convertible in the works for later down the track for the 4 Series.

Sleeker, more stylish, and bigger than the 3 Series, the BMW 4 Series offers a lower center of gravity, allowing for an even more comfortable driving process. The overall driving quality has changed, with the extra 1.7 inches of width balanced out by lighter materials to ensure that despite being thicker, it weighs up to 99 pounds less than the BMW 3 Series.

The 2014 BMW 4 Series

The center of gravity is noteworthy, as it is the lowest of any BMW car out there. It feels less like a conventional BMW, and more like a sports car. Although making use of brand new kinematics and springs, it does borrow the weight distribution of the BMW 3 Series cars. Torque struts of aluminum help reduce the unsprung mass, as it uses a five-link rear axle setup.

The BMW 4 Series comes looking like a whole new style of car, with its new design really setting it apart from the BMW 3 Series. The wheel arches come out from the back fenders, and the back windows really do make the roofline stand out.

Although previous BMW cars have been based off previous cars, but the 4 Series BMW is completely different from any style in the previous years. With a whole new front design added on, you can instantly spot the difference between a 3 and a 4 series BMW.

The 2014 BMW 4 Series

Another trait it borrows from the earlier BMW 3 series is the dual engines, which come with either automatic or manual settings, in eight or six speed modes. The two Series 4 coupes at present, the 428i and the 435i respectively, run at 240HP and 300HP. With turbocharge four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines, they provide the power that you are looking for in a BMW. The 428i is good for 0-60/mph in 5.7 seconds in either automatic or manual, whereas the 435i achieves 0-60 in 5 seconds with automatic, and 5.3 seconds with manual. It is limited to 155/mph by the electronics.

The BMW Series 4 does not offer a diesel equivalent in the USA, and there have been no discussions or revelations regarding the possibility. 

The 2014 BMW 4 Series

As a starting price, the 435i starts at around $47,000, whereas the 428i is slightly cheaper at $41,500 roughly. Although dearer than both Series 3 Sedan and Coupe by a considerable margin, it certainly hits the same threshold as other cars of its calibre.

Available in rear-wheel or “xDrive”, BMW’ answer to all-wheel driving, the xDrive addition instantly adds an extra $2,000 on to the price. However, the specialists out there will be delighted to hear of the inclusion of rear-wheel driving with a stick shift. The six-speed manual configuration, however, is not available to the all-wheel equivalent of the 428i.

One of the main positives to the BMW Series 4 is that it offers pretty strong fuel economy features, improving over the Series 3 Sedans by an estimated 4 miles/gallon. This makes it a great pick for those of us who regularly have to top up. One of the bid additions to the 4 Series, however, is the advancement in technology.

With accident avoidance systems now better than ever, the BMW 4 Series come equipped with a variety of safety countermeasures, including warnings for blind spots and lane departures, automatic breaking via the rear-view mirror should it detect a potential collision. Not only could they save you time and money in repairs, they could also save a life. These features alone make the car worth every penny, to be honest.

With the addition of a new HUD which actually is constantly the upcoming road, looking for any potential warnings, hazards or police devices which are monitoring how you drive. However don’t use this as a way to try and get around speeding, no matter how powerful your car, you should not be speeding!

The 2014 BMW 4 Series

As well as offering BMW’s own Active Cruise Control – which works in slow traffic, with a stop and go function to allow you to deal with jams with ease – it comes with some new outstanding features. Using the eCall service, which comes free for a decade with the Series 4 cars, alerts a support department should you be involved in an accident, and actually informs them the severity of the crush, even how many people have been injured. This crucial upgrade in technology makes deciphering the issue even easier, and makes allocating resources even easier than ever before.

With major upgrades expected in 2014 for the 4-Series’ command system and console, navigation and voice commands are bound to be even more powerful than before. The UI for the system on your dashboard, iDrive, offers a large dial to help control it with ease, as well as a touch pad for those of us who prefer that method of control. This allows easy input of address names and numbers for auto-drive or sat-nav support.

The backseats can also fold down into 40/20/40 compartments, allowing for substantial cargo from musical instruments to holiday gear. Even at this point, it can still accommodate people in the back. The trunk is extremely easy to access too, making further storage even easier.

Due to launch towards the back end of the year, it will come in Standard, Luxury, Sport and M Sport models. They include upgrades to extras like 18-inch wheels (19-inch on the 435i) as well as a different look the vehicle to suit performance rather than style.

The Luxury edition also offers chrome on the inside and out, to add to the already high class of the vehicle. With some red highlights and leather seats, it adds another layer of style and completes the look, if you are buying the BMW 4 Series for the look more than anything.

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